Project events

Kick-off meeting of CHAIN REACTIONS

Place: Szombathely, Hungary

Date: 21.5.2019

The official Kick-off Dissemination Event of CHAIN REACTIONS project took place in Szombathely, Hungary on 21.05.2019, hosted by Pannon Business Network Association as a Lead Partner of the project. The event gave the opportunity to bring together interested groups, academic institutions, business support organizations, key decision makers, stakeholders and SMEs to discuss key activities of the project.


2nd Steering Committee meeting

Place: Regensburg, Germany

Date: 29. – 30.10.2019

During the event, partners discussed ongoing implementation of project, as well as plan of activities for future periods. The status of mapping of regional innovation actors in selected sectors (bioeconomy, energy & environment, health, advanced manufacturing, ICT) was presented. Partners discussed also the methodology, which will be used for value chain analysis, mainly Porter analysis, PESTEL and Business Model Canvas.


3rd Steering Committee meeting

Place: online

Date: 17.09.2020

Due to coronavirus pandemic, all project meetings that had been planned as on-site events, were organised in online format. The 3rd SCOM took place via Zoom and the objective was to discuss the progress, but also problems and delays in project implementation. Responsible partners presented all Work Packages and discussed about the status of activities. The aim was also to start the preparation for mid-term review.


Experience exchange workshops

Place: online

Dates: 06.11.2020, 18.12.2020, 26.03.2021, 01.07.2021

The main aim of experience exchange workshops is to monitor the activities in each work package and mainly to update each other on the implementation of pilots of individual partners. Partners have the possibility to provide feedback to other partners´ pilots, which is part of the evaluation and recommendations process.


Mid-term review

Place: online

Date: 14.01.2021

CHAIN REACTIONS project met with representatives of Joint Secretariat to discuss the progress with the project and problems faced by the partnership in the implementation of individual Work Packages and activities. All project partners presented the status of implementation of their pilot actions and a progress towards the fulfilment of programme specific objectives.


Project events

Kick-off meeting and 1st Steering Committee meeting

PP foto

Place: Sinaia, Romania

Date: 25. – 26.09.2018

South Muntenia Regional Development Agency – Lear Partner of Danube S3 Cluster, organized during the 25th – 26th of September in Sinaia, Romania, the Launch Conference, Cluster Networking session, the Kick-Off Meeting & 1st Steering Committee of the project. More than 100 representatives of national and local public administration, business environment, agricultural research and development institutes, cluster representatives, chambers of commerce in the South-Muntenia region, as well as the Danube S3 Cluster project partners participated in the event.

2. Steering Committee meeting


Place: Maribor, Slovenia

Date: 11. – 12.4.2019

Partners discussed the main activities conducted so far and planned the future activities and events of the project. The main points of discussion were related to regional analyses of context, which is being performed by all project partners as well as to innovation audits as one of the main outcomes of the project.

EDP Focus Group "Healthy Food" & 1st Year Review

Place: Bucharest, Romania

Date: 25. – 26.6.2019

The second Entrepreneurial Discovery Process Focus Group of the project was divided in two sub-themes: functional food and smart agriculture. The project partners and local stakeholders from Romania identified needs in these sub-themes and discussed possible solutions, which resulted in the creation of project ideas.

During the 1st Year Review, project partners presented to JS Project Officer the progress achieved during the 1st year of project implementation and discussed further steps. 

3rd Steering Committee meeting, Mid-term Conference, EDP Focus Group "Open Innovation in Cluster"

Place: Chisinau, Moldova

Date: 1. – 2.10.2019

Partners of Danube S3 Cluster project met again in order to discuss progress achieved within the project and to discuss future activities. During the Mid-term conference, project partners and other invited stakeholders discussed cluster support for digital transformation in agro-food sector. Several best practice examples were presented from individual project countries. 

Focus Group on open innovation in cluster was organized as interactive parallel discussion in working groups, which aimed to identify potential new projects related to digital innovation hubs in agriculture as well as technology transfer in agriculture. These projects will be elaborated within local action plans, which will be developed in further stages of project implementation. 

1st Policy Dialogue Workshop and Transnational Workshop

Place: Sárvár, Hungary

Date: 21.-22.1.2020

The aim of the 1st Policy Dialogue Workshop was to create interactions with EUSDR PAs coordinators and members, mainly of PA7 and PA8. The topics of these PAs and selected working groups are highly relevant for project, which enhances the development of innovation environment and transfer of knowledge among the Danube Region countries.

The transnational workshop presented the results of transnational analysis of cluster potential and further, an interactive discussion was held in order to create a vision, mission and interventions of the emerging Danube S3 Cluster Strategy. The key intervention areas identified by project partners include, e.g. cooperation and internationalization of clusters, mapping of clusters and evaluation, as well as their certification, etc. Subsequently, project partners are drafting strategic vision, which will be followed also during the elaboration of local action plans, policy recommendations and the coordinated agro-food cluster programme.  

2nd Policy Dialogue Workshop

Place: online

Date: 23.6.2020

On 23rd June 2020 Danube S3 Cluster project organized its 2nd Policy Dialogue Workshop. Bioeconomy Cluster was the organizer and all project partners were represented in this online workshop. External stakeholders from the Danube region countries participated as well. The event was split in 3 sessions. In the first session, Danube S3 Cluster project was introduced by the project coordinator and afterwards, Action Plans of PA7 and PA8 of the Danube Strategy were presented. S3 Thematic Platforms of JRC in the context of the EU Green Deal were presented in this session as well. The second session started with the presentation of WG “Clusters and Regional Development” within PA8. Further, the activities of the European Clusters Alliance were discussed. This was followed by the presentation of two analytical studies of PA7, namely “Evaluation of the knowledge society in the Danube region” and “Governance, financing, monitoring and evaluation of Smart Specialization”. The third session started with the presentation of White paper on strengthening the capacities of clusters in the Danube region. Furthermore, this session was devoted to best practice examples on how are the results of Interreg projects transferred to national/regional policies. Finally, the representative of EIT Food Hub Slovakia presented interesting activities of the Hub in the support of start-ups and SMEs in the agri-food sector.