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Project name: Circular BioEconomy Market Uptake and Policy Support in Central Europe

Project acronym: BIOECO-UP

Programme: Interreg Central Europe

Project duration: 04/2023 – 03/2026

Coordinator: Ministry of Agriculture (Agrárminisztérium), Hungary


The main challenges of circular bioeconomy in CE are poorly developed bio-based value chains, low level of consumer awareness and uneven policy progress along East-West divide.

Project BIOECO-UP will take circular bioeconomy forward by designing bioeconomy value chains, changing consumers behaviour and supporting policy transformation. Significant policy impact is expected due to strategic partnership, actively involved in high-level inter-ministerial BIOEAST Initiative composed of 11 East-European Agriculture Ministries and supporting institutes. Besides policy and business sector, civil society will benefit from lower dependency on fossil-based products and improved use of bio-based products.

Project will transnationally test, develop and upscale solutions for bio-based value chains design. It will change behaviour of citizens to use, produce and validate bio-based products in contrary to current use of fossil-based products. The project will also analyse CE bioeconomy policy measures, develop strategy and action plan, propose and mainstream effective bioeconomy measures within Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2030 (CAP).

Project will develop:

  • Intersectoral cooperation procedures for transnational bioeconomy value chain design;
  • Protocol for human-centred validation of bioeconomy products;
  • Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan with proposed measures for CAP.

It will result in new transnational bioeconomy value chains, bioeconomy products validated by end users and bioeconomy measures integrated in policies of Eastern CE countries. Durability of project results and lasting policy change will be ensured by high level policy partners and associated partners (6 national Ministries and 5 policy advisors to ministries). Transnational cooperation is crucial because BIOECO-UP will complement BIOEAST Initiative with bioeconomy experiences from Austria & Italy and provide transnationally tested solutions including policy measures ready to be uptaken by Agricultural Ministries.

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The project is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme with co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund.