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Project name: Building momentum and trust to achieve credible soil carbon farming in the EU

Project acronym: CREDIBLE

Programme: Horizon Europe

Project duration: 06/2023 – 05/2026

Coordinator: Soluciones Agricolas Ecoinnovadoras (SAE), Spain


The project consortium consists of 21 partners from 9 European countries (all participating countries are EU member states). Slovakia is represented by the Bioeconomy Cluster.

The main goal of the CREDIBLE project is to build momentum and trust for the implementation of carbon farming in the EU. This will be primarily achieved  by setting up and moderating a network of initiatives/projects/stakeholders (referred as the Network of Networks – NoN) for favouring transparency,  environmental integrity, and methodology standardisation in soil carbon accounting. Such a NoN will be responsible for pushing forward multiple discussions articulated around three main themes: Which practices? What standards? How to monitor?

This NoN is expected to evolve from a mostly technical/scientific network at the onset of the project, into a process catalysing policy making and business innovation toward its end. The transparent, open access, multi actor dialogues  required to build trust and co-create solutions will be orchestrated around three annual European Carbon Farming Summits, which will present opportunities for  the NoN to interact with the broader stakeholder community and grow to the point it would attract further fundings for long term sustainability.

Through the  action, four specific objectives will be achieved:

  • to build and disseminate a practical toolbox for promoting carbon farming, capable of taking into account local land uses, best practices, and multi-actor interests;
  • to identify options for benchmarking and selecting standards, certification mechanisms, and policy  instruments for carbon farming;
  • to favour the establishment of a network of soil carbon data collectors and repositories to improve measuring and  monitoring carbon dynamics;
  • to build up processes and tools to drive conversations for the upscaling of carbon farming.

CREDIBLE’s ambition is to support the European Commission and the Expert Group on Carbon Removal in the identification and upscale of solutions for soil carbon farming. The first meeting of project consortium is likely to take place in June 2023.



Are you interested in carbon farming practices? Do you want to learn more? 

Take part in the 1st European Carbon Farmin Summit! It will be organized on 5th – 7th March 2024 in Valencia, Spain.

The topics of the summit:

  • Which practices are applied on European soils?
  • What standards and certification mechanisms are used?

  • How to monitor carbon fluxes? 

More information about the event:

POSTER carbon farming summit

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101112951