Greet CE

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Project name: Green Transition in Central Europe

Project acronym: Greet CE

Programme: Interregional Innovation Investment Instrument (I3)

Project duration: 11/2023 – 11/2025

Coordinator: KSSENA – Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region, Slovenia


The Greet CE project adopts a multidisciplinary approach to smart specialization, aiming to enhance the innovation capacity of regional Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), especially in less developed regions of Central Europe and in one outermost European region of Madeira. The consortium, comprising eight members from seven regions across six Central and Southern European countries, will accelerate the practical ability of regions to base their future development on their unique competitive advantages (resources and assets) and key socio-economic challenges.

Focusing primarily on the green transition, the Greet CE project aligns with the specific needs and opportunities of target regions under key domains of the Interregional Innovation Investments (I3) Instrument domains. The principal objective is to bolster the innovation ecosystems of the bioeconomy sector, particularly for SMEs in target underdeveloped regions. This aim complements the priority areas of smart specialization with horizontal actions designed to ensure appropriate entrepreneurial frameworks. Effective monitoring and evaluation are crucial for aligning knowledge domains (capabilities) with potential market niches, leading to the creation of differentiated, knowledge-based products and services.

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