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Project name: Supporting the establishment of the innovative governance models to achieve better-informed decision-making processes, social engagement and innovation in the bio-based economy

Project acronym: BIOMODEL4REGIONS

Programme: Horizon Europe

Project duration: 07/2022 – 06/2025

Coordinator: CTECH (Italy)



BIOMODEL4REGIONS is a 3-year project within the Horizon Europe programme in the field of Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions to support the Green Deal. The project with a budget of EUR 2.5 million is aimed at supporting development of new bio-based economy strategies and blueprints at the local/regional level.

The project should bring a better-informed decision-making process, social involvement and innovations to support and strengthen the EU and create an international scientific-political link for achieving the goals in the field of sustainable development through:

  • supporting the development of regional/local bio-based economy strategy plans,
  • development of new models to enable consumers, industry/producers and public authorities to a societal switch towards environmentally responsible behaviour through bio-based products and services, and
  • development of best practice guidelines for local operators and innovation developers, supporting climate-neutrality and the improvement of bio-products and services with a low environmental footprint.

Building on the knowledge and experiences brought by years of research and studies in the field of bioeconomy, the BIOMODEL4REGIONS project strives to put into practice proven best practises and successful initiatives. For the development of appropriate governance models deploying bio-based solutions, BIOMODEL4REGIONS will carry out an analysis in 6 pilot regions from different areas of Europe (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Central-Western EU), which will allow to propose such strategies that will be tailored to regional conditions, taking into account potentials, obstacles, opportunities and capacities, using raw feedstocks, infrastructure, investments, human skills, innovations activities and community knowledge in the given area.

The consortium consists of 12 partners from 8 different countries.

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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement N°101060476.