Climate Farm Demo

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Project name: A European-wide network of pilot farmers implementing and demonstrating climate smart solutions for a carbon neutral Europe

Project acronym: Climate Farm Demo

Programme: Horizon Europe

Project duration: 10/2022 – 09/2029

Coordinator: Institute de l´elevage (IDELE), France


Project objective is to increase and speed-up the adoption of climate smart farming practices and tools and their wide disemination within and across EU.

Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) is necessary to adapt to climate change to achieve carbon neutral agriculture and objectives of the EU Climate strategy until 2050.  Networking of Pilot-Demo-Farmers will boost climate smart farming knowledge exchange and cross-fertilisation among agricultural sectors and EU and national AKIS. 

Project will support and advise Pilot-Demo-Farmers in implementing and demonstrating the Climate Smart Farming practices to increase innovation uptake thanks to standardized methodologies and relevant rewarding mechanisms that will support farmers in their systemic transition. Network will consists of Pilot-Demo-Farms, representing 95 % of the project farms and complemented by relevant Experimental Farms linked to universities, research institutes and advisory services, and finally by a sample of exemplary Lighthouse Farms from the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms. Totally, the network of 1 500 Pilot-Demo-Farms and 10 Living Labs will be established within the project.

Project will build a common framework on adaptation and mitigation by collecting and comparing climate and carbon tools across Europe to elaborate a harmonized carbon assessment method and environmental adaptation indicator, to define a common methodology and guidelines for climate adaptation and mitigation.

The project is implemented by 80 partners from 27 European countries.

Joint Annual Meeting of Climate Farm Demo brought together participants from 28 countries to discuss project progress and new approaches, to exchange ideas, opportunities and limits of climate adaptation and mitigation measures.

They met in Cork, Ireland, and so it was only natural that indoor exchange of ideas was complemented each day by practical demonstration on the farms.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101060212