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Project name: Climate Smart Advisors: Connecting and Mobilizing the EU Agricultural Advisory Community to Support the Transition to Climate Smart Farming

Project acronym: Climate Smart Advisors (CSA)

Programme: Horizon Europe

Project duration: 04/2023 – 03/2030

Coordinator: Eigen Vermogen Van Het Instituut Voor Landbouw – En Visserijonderzoek (EV ILVO), Belgium



The project consortium consists of 73 partner organizations from 25 EU member states and 2 associated countries (United Kingdom, Serbia) and thus the project covers all pedo-climatic areas of Europe. Partner organizations represent a wide range of advisory service providers and Slovakia is represented by the Bioeconomy Cluster.

The project aims to strengthen the EU agricultural advisory community through the involvement of advisors in innovation projects, European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) operational groups and agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS), which will lead to the acceleration of the adoption of climate smart farming practices by the wider agricultural community.

The activities of the project are aimed at strengthening the capacity of advisors in providing advice and boosting their role in the transition to climate smart farming. For faster adoption of climate smart farming practices, the project Climate Smart Advisors focuses on the crucial role of advisors in the development and dissemination of climate smart innovations and practices in the field of agriculture. The project will follow up on activities within the framework of building a network of pilot demonstration farms developed in the sister project Climate Farm Demo and when providing advices, the advisors will draw from the solutions created in this project.

Through various activities, the project plans to achieve the following results:

  • Creation of a network of 260 advisory Communities of Practice for exchange of knowledge and mutual sharing of procedures and methods at the national and European level,
  • establishment of cooperation with 1 500 advisors, who will form the core of knowledge exchange; 140 advisors will receive expert training on selected topics, thus becoming climate smart trainers, then the trainers will support the capacity building of the other 1 360 advisors,
  • creation of a knowledge repository, which will provide advisors with tools, procedures, training materials and approaches in the field of climate smart and carbon farming,
  • monitoring, evaluation and education, which will improve the functioning of the network of advisers, which will accelerate the adoption of climate smart farming practices.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101084179