Supporting development of innovative ecosystem

Our aim is to promote cooperation, networking, innovation and mutual exchange of information between cluster members and other stakeholders in agri-food and bio-based sectors. These are primarily representatives of the business sector, representatives of research, development and education, representatives of regional and local governments and, last but not least, representatives of the third sector. As the bioeconomy is a very complex topic, the cluster deals not only with agriculture but also with other biological sectors. Its main goal is cooperation with practice and at the same time connecting practice with research and development. In this respect, the cluster ensures the representation of its members, covers joint action, promotion and promotes common interests.

International cooperation

The cluster focuses on solving joint projects within the scope of bioeconomy.  This helps with the development of cluster members, innovation, transfer of knowledge and technology, as well as solving problems of individual members of the cluster. Within the framework of international cooperation, the cluster focuses mainly on the countries of the Danube region.

Providing knowledge transfer

We connect the entities of knowledge triangle,  promote knowledge transfer and cooperation of R&D with agri-business. We draw on our membership in various European cluster platforms, networks, and initiatives in networking and developing international cooperation. This allows us to obtain information and connect all relevant actors in the bioeconomy – from policymakers, representatives of scientific research organizations, business entities to the professional and general public.

In 2023 Bioeconomy Cluster was certified for the third time by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis and received bronze label of cluster management excellence. 


Within national evaluation of cluster performance by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, Bioeconomy Cluster was classified in the category of “Developed Clusters”, which is the highest ranging that can be achieved by cluster in Slovakia.

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