Basic information

Bioeconomy Cluster (BEC) is an association of legal entities established in 2015 to promote cooperation in the field of innovation and mutual exchange of information between cluster members which mainly includes representatives of the business sector (agricultural farms and food processors), R&D actors, academia, regional and local governments as well as tertiary sphere. Since bioeconomy is a very complex topic, the cluster is not focused only on agriculture but also on cross-cutting and cross-sectoral cooperation (energy, waste and environment, and also ICT, plastic industry, engineering, etc.).

Bioeconomy Cluster is aimed mainly at cooperation with practice and linking of practice with R&D. Our cluster ensures promotion of its members, promotion of common interests and joint representation. Members are entities with which the cluster cooperates in promoting the development of bioeconomy.

The Cluster and its members have broad experience and expertise in the implementation of national and international projects (EU’s Framework Programmes, European Territorial Cooperation, International Visegrad Fund, structural funds, etc.), participate in monitoring committees (operational programme Research and Innovation), national committees and working groups within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, experience in the area of technology transfer including the establishment of transfer centres. In addition, the members have built partnerships with major organisations and institutions at international level (OECD, JRC, etc.).


Bioeconomy Cluster was on 4th October 2017 benchmarked by the “European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis” and subsequently awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE. The certificate is valid from 4.10.2017 to 4.10.2019.